Monday, January 25, 2010

A Month of Moondays

I officially started the Moonday Experiment a month ago.  The idea is to take a little time out every Monday to celebrate the moon, as the day was originally dedicated to this heavenly body.  Our culture currently has an implied ban on merry making and wildness on Monday.  'Good T.V.' after a grueling day of work and commerce is the dominant trend.

The Moon has long been associated with creativity, intuition, and wildness.  It makes me sad thinking of how disappointed the moon would be if it could look down and see how we spend our Mondays.  I've wanted to see what would happen if some of us do something creative and/or wild on Mondays to celebrate the moon.  I decided that on Moondays I would do something creative just for fun. Meeting my writing goals doesn't count.

So far I've seen a subtle shift in my attitude towards Monday.  I've noticed that the busy list-making part of my mind that wants to get the work week started with a 'bang', isn't in complete control.  Sunday I found myself actually looking forward to that art time on Monday, despite also needing to get some nagging tasks accomplished.  Thus far celebrating Moonday hasn't stopped me from going to the bank and the post office, but it has made me care a little bit less if I get everything on my list accomplished.

On Moonday I will reflect on wildness,' I thought to myself on Sunday.  'Maybe I'll even find a way to be a little wild.... Hmm.  And I'll take time out to read poetry and do some art-making, just for fun....'  Yay Moonday! You are so much more fun than Monday.

I've asked everyone who thinks it sounds like fun to join me in this experiment and celebrate Moonday in your own ways, as well as to post stories of wildness, links to art of all kinds including dance, theater, visual art, poems, etc.  To write about your dreams, your thoughts on wildness...  If you haven't been spelunking in the comments you've missed some inspiring stuff, so here, here, and here, are the links to the previous three weeks posts.  Just go straight to the comments. 

I'd love it if you would share something, anything that you like, but here are some questions if you want a prompt:  The moon is often associated with insanity. In an effort to take back that lunar intuitive wisdom, the question is, what is one of the most crazy/brilliant ideas you or someone else has ever had?  Or an idea that seemed at first to make no sense, but somehow was just the thing....  For me, it was deciding to take up dancing when I was very stuck in my writing.  If I hadn't, I truly doubt I'd be writing this sentence now.

Happy Waxing Gibbous (nearing full ) Moonday!


Sara Grace said...

Crazy AND brilliant? Tall order. Once I had an especially amazing plate of shrimp tacos. Afterwards I had this insane energy - this insane creative energy - such that at 9 o'clock at night I dragged six of my friends to the basement of our building and we created a performance art piece involving a lot of spilled water that we presented to an audience of another 6 people at midnight. It wasn't brilliant, but it was a little crazy. I'm not sure if the moon was full, but I wouldn't be surprised.

Sara Grace said...

Wow. By posting here under my google ID I just discovered I had a yoga blog briefly two years ago that I completely forgot existed. Must've done that during a full moon, too.

Irina said...

What else to do in the dark?
The bird sleeps
In his belly
The sun gets born into morning
Out of a wish

Kate Temple-West said...

oooh. Love it Irina.

Sara, I love that your burst of insane creative energy was large enough to convince 6 friends to create a performance art piece. I need to know what was in those fish tacos. I will eat them before rehearsals.