Monday, January 11, 2010

Happy Moonday! The Moonday Experiment Continues...

One of my favorite wise, wild women, JK Lilith Canepa, said 'Let the Wildness begin!' when I told her about my Moonday Experiment.  The idea is to take some time on Mondays to honor the moon on her day by making art, poetry, or dance, and/or to indulge in some wildness, even though its Monday, which the modern world has dubbed manic, busy, full of work, chores, and generally not fun.

I've been thinking all week about wildness.  In the warmer months its easy for me to be wild. I go into nature.  But right now with the winter wind blowing full blast I've been enjoying coming home to my warm apartment, making soup and curling up with a good book.

My wildness is mostly inside of my dream life now.  I've been obsessed with dreams and dreaming for as long as I can remember.  Real healing has come from my dreams.  I also once dreamed up the plot of a novel.  I'm writing it now, so its too soon to know if its actually any good or not, but its definitely true that cultivating my dreams-- actively trying to remember them, writing them down, and then working with the images and ideas that come out of them has been incredibly creatively fruitful for me.

Here's a poem I wrote recently after dreaming about a long ended relationship.  We didn't end it with any sort of closure, and even though I've been in a very happy relationship since then, thoughts of this early train-wreck-complete-with-a-fireworks-car romance have haunted me.  After this dream I woke up with the phrase 'my cup runneth over' in my head.  I felt full of love, gratitude, and forgiveness which lasted all day, and it seems that something has permanently shifted in me, as I feel at peace about that old relationship now.  Sharing this feels scary, which counts as wildness too, I suppose.

Unsent Letter

In the dream I meet you outside of time.

There is no past or future, no open wounds or expectations.

In this place we are not lovers, but Love.

You breathe and I listen to your breath.

The rise and fall of my chest slows your heartbeat.

Our love is the same as ever, light like cotton down,

that abundant and ephemeral.

Our fingers touch and turn to quicksilver,

fleet-footed Hermes broadcasting

reparations to our trapped, troubled hearts

in the cold ragged waking world.

In the comments, I'd be thrilled if you want to share your own poem, links to your poetry, someone else's poetry that you adore, art, photography, links to videos, to stories of wildness, or just answer this question: What makes you feel truly wild?
Happy Moonday! Awoooooooo!


wholly jeanne said...

and here i am, starting my "cold, ragged waking" with you. and your invigorating talk of wildness and moon. i can't imagine a better way to start my mo(o)nday.

Sandi Longhurst said...

Ah, wildness. I am contemplating dying my hair blue. For Halloween I was Marge Simpson and loved the blue hair. I may have to do small discrete blue streaks in my blond curls until April since the dress code of the ski resort spa where I spend winters prohibits blue hair. My wildness this morning was double Cinnamon in my nettles and listening to fun music while waiting for Monday morning reports to run.

Thanks for doing this Kate, redefining Mo(o)nday.

Anthony Gonzalez said...

What makes me feel truly wild is pushing my students beyond their comfort zone and watching them forge ahead into the unknown and be thrilled by results they didn't know they were capable of. And pushing myself through those same barriers in the process. When a lesson works as it should it is as if we are all running down a long steep hill together as fast as we can taking turns falling, tumbling, and getting up again.

My daughter Phoebe was named after Holden Caulfield's little sister. The fact that Phoebe was also the name of a Greek Titan, the Goddess of the Moon, was further confirmation of its suitability as name.

I love to be out at night with another person under a gibbous moon just so I can refer to it and speak the words "gibbous moon." I feel the same way about "crepuscular.'" Give me a crepuscular creature under a gibbous moon and someone to share it with and I'm happy.

I invite you to view a painting I did titled "the George Washington Bridge Under a Gibbous Moon" that has been published as a poster by the MTA. click on the image to view it larger in its own window.

Kate Temple-West said...

Ooh blue hair! and nettles are definitely wild. I've probably almost never felt more wild then when I was harvesting nettles bare handed.

I love that image Anthony. It makes me want to take a ride over the bridge on my fish bike right now.

I'm inspired by that wild teaching...

Thanks for the sharing! It will keep me going with this. Should make one of Phoebe's namesakes happy too.

Zobie said...

Running with the wolves at Midnight
We don't care if there's a moon
They don't care that I'm a hare
We've all got claws and teeth

Kate Temple-West said...

I like it Zobie. Thanks for joining the moon celebration!

Sandi Longhurst said...


Here's my wild Mo(o)nday post for today:

Memories of Wildness – Feral Cats under a Full Moon

4th of July several years ago

A full moon rose between two peaks, illuminating the still water of Lake Powell. Enchanting light lured us from the campfire into the warm night’s water. Long, mysterious shadows and distant echoes accompanied our swim. Floating in the eerie light, hunger visited us with images of the whole chicken waiting in the boat. The wildness of the moon and warmth of the water inspired us to eat like FERAL CATS. Meowing, clawing and hissing we bit into the fleshy meat. In visceral form we were at one with the wild earth.

Kate Temple-West said...

Sandi, I love this. Thanks. Today's Moonday post is up, a little late, due to technical difficulties.... but it is up! xox