Tuesday, January 12, 2010


Don't tell anyone, but I'm having a staged reading of a play I've been working on for awhile.  I decided that I wanted to write this play five years ago.  I scaled back on my directing gigs in order to write, because I knew that in my 'heart of hearts' I had to do it, even though I had no idea how to sit down at the desk with enough regularity.

Somehow I kept the story alive, but at a snail's pace, writing in fits and starts.  It  took a good three years to figure out how to get my butt in a chair often enough-- actually that isn't quite true-- I adopted the Truman Capote method and do first drafts by hand in bed.  In the meantime I was busy becoming a fierce herbalist, which is the only work I love to do that is not writing, and then it took two more years to actually get the thing written.

Anyone who says they don't believe in writers block should add the words 'for me' after making that statement.   I'll work hard to never ever ever have that kind of a block again.  Its why I write every day, even if I have a fever of 103.  Even if I'm just making lists of words I like, and words I don't like.  (As it turns out, this is a very fun game.  Besides being revealing, when I'm feeling stuck at some time in the future, I can turn to the lists and try to write something incorporating all of the words.)

I have a kick ass cast but I can't tell you about them, or advertise the reading due to union rules, but if you  email me it means that we are friends and I can invite you for free to the reading at a famous Greenwich Village theater. 

I think its kosher for me to share this much:

All the Devils are Here
Hallucinations, jazz cats, dancing demons, and the Mad Bomber set the backdrop for a journey through the Beat Scene of Greenwich Village circa 1958. Welcome to the dark roots of the soul.

Written and Directed by Kate Temple-West

Monday, January 18th, 8 PM

  RSVP katetemplewest at gee mail.com


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Lillith said...

So Hell is Empty? Good, I've been wondering if we'd cleared that place out.

Sara Grace said...

Kate's play is excellent. I say that as her friend, but also as a strict critic with a commitment to excellence. (Seriously.)