Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Carolina In My Mind

I am stepping up to the Best of  09 blogging challenge put out by the wonderful social media maven & yogini Gwen Bell. Each day in December she gives a prompt.  It is a great kick in the pants to get into the habit of blogging more frequently, as well as a way to give thanks for some amazing experiences, people, and things that have been part of my life this year.  My goals: 1. Don't bore people who might read it. 2. Answer each prompt. 3. Inspiration--give it & get it.   December 1st is Best Trip 09. 

I tried writing a prose piece about this trip, but the experience didn't lend itself to it.  So, in a really surprising move for me, here's a poem-y kind of a thing.

an island somewhere off the coast of South Carolina

no t.v.
no cellphone
no laptop
no ipod
no commercials
no catalogues
no billboards

salt air perfume
bones melt into warm sand
the waves steady exhale
an invitation to do the same.
pick up a book
or put it down
read poetry or gossip
stare at the shifting clouds
lie in a hammock
sit in a grey cedar rocking chair
and watch the sunrise
listen to someone play the guitar
or walk silently through the surf under the moon

laugh with loved ones
beloved conspirators.
stirrers of inspiration.
acolytes in the church of beauty.

share simple food
fresh tomatoes
fried okra
boiled shrimp
caramel cake
about important things:
dreams especially.

ride the waves
play like otters
or runaways

sit on the dock at sunset
creekside lowtide
the green grasses deepening
against the fuchsia sky.


Global Misfit said...

"acolytes in the church of beauty."....beautiful!

gnomesque said...

Beautiful post! And sounds like a beautiful trip.

1950's Housewife said...

thank you for this. i need this reminder on a drizzly wednesday in virginia.

whollyjeanne said...

thanks for the exhale, and reminding me of why i love the carolinas.

Kate Temple-West said...


whollyjeanne, if you are part of the #best09 challenge, find me on twitter @Kate_TW because I can't access your info through here.

helga said...

hey my first comment on your blog! promised I'd check in your daily challenge posts & here I am. Definitely tempted to start my own & may even if it's later in the month during my break. Loved this vacation poem post! the simplicity & beauty of the mundane things we do on vacation. loved the otter reference... felt as if I was there sharing with friends & family while being fully present. :)