Saturday, October 31, 2009

Dead Days

release of what is not
was not
could not be
what is over
get down into the dirt
back to the earth heart
the worm core
that center place
where all things blossom
blue fungi blooms
around the heart wood

there is life inside of death
the spider creeping over white eyes
terrifies because it is so gentle
the way the rain is gentle
as it seeps into the mud
creating momentary sculptures
mud people first people
a frothing pulsing hot birth
bursting through the carapace.

It is not the birth we expected.


Bindu said...

Penetrating. Tender. Loved it.

Kate Temple-West said...

Thanks Bindu. I really enjoyed your latest post on this time of year, too.

1950's Housewife said...

I woke up on Halloween crying, sobbing really, not sure why. My broken heart has been healing, and it hurts as it does so.

Kate Temple-West said...

“Tears are a river that takes you somewhere…Tears lift your boat off the rocks... carrying it downriver to someplace better.”~Clarissa P. Estes

Happy if my little poem could be of some use.

1950's Housewife said...

"the spider creeping over white eyes
terrifies because it is so gentle"

this is the best sentence within a poem that we have ever read

-Virginia and Ben