Sunday, December 13, 2009

Goblin Fruit

We must not look at goblin men,
We must not buy their fruits:
Who knows upon what soil they fed
their hungry thirsty roots?....

'Nay, hush, my sister:

I ate and ate my fill,
Yet my mouth waters still...

~ Christina Rossetti from Goblin Market: a Tale of Two Sisters

I adore this ballad by Victorian poet Christina Rossetti.  Much has been written about the meaning behind Goblin Market.  The author herself said that it was meant as a simple fairy story, though not for kids.  I think it has many layers, like dreams.   The words and images are as rich and sensuous as almost anything I've ever read.  If you don't have your own paper copy, I suggest printing it out and reading it when you are lounging and eating delicious fruit.  Maybe in the bath.

Post inspired by Day 12 of Gwen Bell’s December blogging challenge: What was your favorite new food 09? (still haven't tried goblin fruit, but know I'd love it.)


Anonymous said...

What an absolutely lovely poem. I'm not well versed in poetry so I'm looking forward to your insights and recommendations. :)

Kate Temple-West said...

Thanks! My great pleasure :-)

Lindsey said...

Love Christina Rossetti!
Thanks for this - Goblin Market is one of the greats (in my humble opinion).