Monday, August 9, 2010

I can't go on. I must go on. I go on. Dealing with Defeatism.

Moonday.  New Moon.  A good time to go inward and listen to what our deepest, wisest selves have to say.

As for me, I have no business posting today.  

I'm overheated and surrounded by waste.  I pick up garbage along the community garden fence as often as I can.  Other neighbors do it too.  More garbage blows by with every gust of wind.

When I throw away trash I feel it in my body.  The landfill is part of me.  This is true.  Its part of all of us.  We all have accumulated waste in our bodies that we can't metabolize, but that's another story.

I have chosen this.  Chosen to love and defend this little corner of earth.    I'm sure the garden is necessary for my survival too.

Tomorrow morning at 11 AM there will be a public hearing to help determine the fate of community gardens in the city, which are imperiled yet again.

Why are community gardens imperiled?  Why must people fight to save them?

I don't want to go to the hearing tomorrow.  I would like to spend the time working on my business, or plotting an escape to the ocean for a bit of sanity and perspective.  But I'm going to the hearing.  Dammit.   Be the change etc. etc. 

I'm reminding myself how grateful I am to all of the amazing people and organizations who work so hard for the earth, and therefore for us, the creatures who live here.  All I have to do is show up tomorrow.  How easy is that?  Fairly easy.

Don't know if this rant is of any use to anyone else, but I feel better.  So for this moonday.... RANT!  Or better yet, dream.  What is one collective change you would love to see in the world?  What small (or big) thing do you do to make it happen?

For those of you in NYC, info about the hearing and pep rally starting at 9 may be found on the New York City Community Garden Coalition's website.


Sandi Longhurst said...


My morning tomorrow will be dedicated to being with you in spirit, earth warrior. I will also send you dreamy watery thoughts that were so helpful in the desert to encourage your refreshing get away.

No rants today, even for a Monday! My dream/prayer is voice. Really working on opening up my 5th chakra and SPEAKING, silly it's such a hard thing to do. I can say, "hi, I think you are nice" but can't say, "no", "I don't like you" or "hey I need something"... learning, asking, speaking.

Kate T.W. said...

Hurray for Sandi's 5th chakra opening. I want to hear all and everything you want to say. Thank you so much for the dreamy watery thoughts and support. They are deeply appreciated.