Monday, March 29, 2010

Full Egg Moon: What Are You Hatching?

Happy full Moonday!  Today is the first full moon of spring, commonly known as the egg moon, which makes me think: what are you hatching?

The word that keeps coming up for me is freedom.  Several years ago I opened a door to find a man holding a gun an inch from my chest.

After that experience I felt a kind of freedom I'd never had before.   I lost all self-consciousness.  I would wear rainbow socks and sing as loud as I liked.   This faded after awhile, and I've been wanting to get that feeling back ever since without another gun.

On a recent light grey afternoon I went for a walk through the grimer part of my neighborhood on my way to East River Park, down by the Williamsburg Bridge which feels like a forgotten, liminal place.

I had been thinking about my grandparents house, a place I had adored, and how I hadn't gotten to say goodbye to it as the contents were emptied and the house was sold when I was in college.

I was thinking about that and about the movie Up, (which no one had warned me would make fat rivers shoot out of my eyes during the film's first 20 minutes), when I came across a room-sized open metal box.

Inside it was a broken table and chairs, lots of upholstered furniture, chipped odds and ends.  Near the front of the box was an upturned, formidably sized television encased in an an ornate wooden cabinet with drawers.  Upside down it somehow reminded me of Cyclops's eye.

And then there was a old wooden trunk like a treasure chest, big enough to hide in.  Of course I had to open it.  Inside I found yellowed newspapers that happened to be from the year I was born.  There were some electronic parts, and sealed in plastic, a green rafia hula skirt complete with a carved out coconut husk bra.   

The collection as a whole had clearly been the furnishings of someone's life.  I stood back for a moment to witness it fully.  Then I imagined my own apartment inside the box instead.    I picked up the hula skirt.  It weighed almost nothing.  I took it. 

When I got home, I found some hula videos on you tube, put on the skirt (the coconut bra didn't fit, sadly), some rainbow socks, and danced.

In the comments, I'd love it if you'd share what's hatching in your life... what qualities of experience-- adventure, freedom, love, forgiveness, mercy, etc...  And as always, any offerings of art or poetry on this or any theme are greatly appreciated.


Sandi Longhurst said...

What a wonderful find Kate. I feel great joy imagining you dancing in rainbow socks and reclaimed hula skirt.

My hatching? A spirit of Revolution is flowing through me to hatch Freedom and Adventure. I feel carelessly drawn to change with little droplets of fear creeping in around the edges of the excitement, strength and power driving me forward. I don the cap of Che Guevara and start a small revolution in my work space. Freedom, Truth. I ask people to breathe, connect with their deepest desires and I sit back hopefully to witness the transformation come forth. My deepest desire is to live a full life, not die an early cube death.

I mentioned in an early Moonday post the desire for blue hair, today after work I am taking a leather skirt whose time with me is over and trading it for blue hair dye at a consignment shop. Yay! This is a small step in the journey to a sabbatical to spend time in the wilderness contemplating the meaning of life under the wild open sky. Blue hair, no hair, summer retreat then solo adventure - somewhere in the wild womb of nature.

Many obstacles to overcome - convince boyfriend Sandi solo is okay, convince work Sandi gone is okay, do magic with finances to make it possible... and leave.

Kate T.W. said...

'Blue hair no hair wild womb of nature.' You are such a beautiful poet, Sandi. I can feel the full moon energy working with these masterful plans to bring them into reality. This comment makes me want to hooowlll.

creativevoyage said...

gosh I hope that i'm re-falling in love with my life again. I kind of fell out of it for a month while I was ill. Then frustrated at the thought of all the work I'd have to do to 'catch up'. But now i'm trying to RELAX ! perhaps belive its all unfolding as it should

Kate T.W. said...

I know that feeling creativevoyage. Spring is such a great time to fall in love. :-)

'It is all unfolding as it should'. That thought makes me relax...

ann galkowski said...

I love imagining you in that green hula skirt, Kate, and Sandi out in the wilderness...I have been creating in my life a broader range of possibilities. Endeavoring to deepen my understanding of myself, in spiritual practice and in relationship with others. This is done through creating opportunities, and then being in the experience to see how it unfolds, on many different levels and arenas. Work, play, home, passion, etc.. Sometimes its alot of fun, sometimes its alot of work! But keeping the creative aspect in mind enlarges the possibilities, in any situation.

rutherv said...

Wow, Kate - I have this great image of you hula dancing :)

I feel like I'm in mid hatch right now - definitely cracking up, but not sure what's going to pop out at the end!

Writing is definitely hatching; I'm continuing to make slow and steady progress on this novel - the best part being that lately I've been really enjoying the process, and not caring how long it takes.

Ah, yes, spring is the time to fall in love. My gut is saying that some big new love is about to burst forth - but I don't know who/what/when it'll be yet

There's some old saying about hatchings like this, I remember - what the caterpillar calls the end of the world, the butterfly calls freedom.

The egg moon made me think of those colorful plastic easter eggs we'd hunt for as kids, the kind that you'd pop open to see what was inside.

I was going to make a list of intentions, things I want to manifest, for this full moon - and I still might, but I also await the delightful surprises of Life, knowing that whatever pops out is probably infinitely more awesome than whatever I could have come up with on my own

Kate T.W. said...

I love surprises. Especially in the form of flowers. ;-)