Monday, February 22, 2010

Moonday Salon-- Post your Creative Thoughts

This is week 8 of the Moonday Experiment.  A close friend of mine who actually reads my blog was confused by Moonday.  She thought that there was only one Moonday post.  So that means I haven't been clear enough.  Moonday is my weekly response to Monday.  It is me zapping the "do! do! do! go! go! go! hurry hurry hurry!" chant in my head with a different energy, Moon energy. Its a way for me to honor the intuitive and creative on a day that is known for being all about business.  As I'm an artist who does my level best to do something creative every day, I use Moondays to do something-- at least a tiny little something-- uninhibited and for sheer love of the thing, without a thought to whether or not its good.

I've been encouraging people to participate in the experiment by sharing their creative ideas and outpourings in this supportive space in the comments.  There haven't been many takers yet, but the ones who have shared something have been incredible and so much fun.

This Moonday I will be dancing at the Metropolitan Building at 7 PM (its free if anyone happens to be reading this and lives in NYC) with Dunya Dianne McPherson's Dunyati Alembic.  The Alembic is meditative dance, Sufi practices translated for performance.  Our director's instructions are simple but challenging: relax and breathe.  Our job is to stay inside of our bodies, and not to think 'is it good, is it bad, do they get it?'  just stay with ourselves and let the dance unfold.  It feels profoundly healing to dance in this way with witnesses, and our hope is that its also deeply relaxing to watch. We've gotten some great responses that indicate that it is.

So that fulfills the Moonday quota!  And this completely unedited post does, too. 

I'd absolutely adore it if you'd join in.  Post a link to your site with your artwork/videos/poetry/etc.  Share some writing-- a thought, a poem-- in the comments-- it can be a quote that inspires you, too.  Or a link to some art of any kind that inspires your own creative freedom.

That seems to be the theme bubbling up in me today.  Freedom.  Inner Revolution.  So if you like, answer this question:  When do you feel free?  Where are you?  What are you doing?

Happy Moonday!


1950's Housewife said...

today...i breathe in, i breathe out, i put one foot in front of the other...not my own words but all i am capable of today.

Sandi Longhurst said...

Ah Moondays how I love thee - My moonday was wild and full of adventures, taking bold steps, asking big favors, going out on long thin limbs with only faith and curiosity to hold me. I plead for freedom to dance, to inspire, to lead, to create...

Freedom and (r)evolution have been sisters in my journey. Freedom in my life has had to be freedom from something - religion, relationship, structure, system. (r)Evolution has been a disruptive and often painful path to my freedom. When I am free I dance and don't care what others think - I scatter myself and sometimes clothing across the floor or through the air, I ask hard questions and hold space for answers, I speak my truth and wrestle demons, I ask to be free and ask for others to find their freedom to meet me.

I wish I could have seen you dance with the Alembic tonight Kate. I'm sure it was Divine.

Thanks for the Moonday inspiration which along with your friendly herbal wisdom has been transformational.

rutherv said...

Hey Kate,
Hope your post inspires more takers to post creations on your comments! Sorry I missed your dance performance at Metropolitan! Just had yoga with Isis.
Life has taken off in an exciting whirlwind of adventure lately - writing up a storm and dating someone new. It's all incredibly exciting - and I'm using my 30 day poem practice to help stay grounded.
So here's a poem for the week (maybe the more you share, the easier it gets, right?) I hope!


You lack that checkpoint
between your brain and your mouth
That weighing station where thoughts
line up to be deemed worthy
Or be detained, and sent back home

But while my hunger for you
is honking in the bottle neck
of my throat
You speak the captive words
that I was thinking.
You trace them on my body
in invisible ink
and I am wearing the decoder ring.

That's when the fugitives break out
The sounds escape my lips, running
Like imps, limbo-ing under
the police tape
Sticking their serpent tongues out at the sheriff
And dancing across the border.

Anonymous said...

Beauty, no doubt, does not make revolutions. But a day will come when revolutions will have need of beauty.
--Albert Camus, The Rebel

Anonymous said...

here is what I have...
big thighs
lil tits

& so much love

--Ntozake Shange

Kate T.W. said...

Breathing. Always a good reminder.

Sandi, I love your thoughts on freedom. Is freedom always from something? A question for me to ponder. You also bring up the point of how freedom is so often equated with individuality-- 'free to be me', and yet what good is that if everyone around me is not free?

It felt really FREE last night, dancing... not in an outwardly wild way, but in an inward way.

Ruth, love this impishly sweet poem. Gives me goosebumps.